7 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Thrifting & Antiquing On Your Own

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Thrifting & Antiquing On Your Own

Arlyn Hernandez
Jul 22, 2016
(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

There's a reason you were always paired up during school field trips when you were younger, or feel most comfortable when you have a wingman during more adult outings: The buddy system never fails. When thrifting, antiquing or hitting the flea market, you'll definitely want to bring along a friend as your fail-safe move for spotting and scoring some serious finds. Here are 7 reasons why:

4 eyes are better than 2

You may think you have hawk eyes for hidden treasures, but bring along a friend with equally keen senses, and you'll dig up twice the gems. Make sure you each know what the other might be looking for (send each other inspirational photos via text for reference); you never know what the other might spot that you didn't.

Good cop, bad cop

This is a classic negotiating tactic. It's not exactly something you can pull off when alone, so take advantage of your co-pilot to bring down the price of the piece you have your eye on.

→Need help to plot out your second-hand shopping? Check out this useful site. Just type in your zip code or city/state, and get a robust listing of markets and stores.

Measuring up

If you're shopping for vintage or antique furnishings and home decor, always, we repeat, always bring a tape measurer with you. Knowing the dimensions of your own home—door, hallways, final resting spots—is always incredibly helpful. Maneuvering said tape measuring is far easier when you have a second pair of hands.

(Your friend's) memories light the corners of your mind

If you don't have all your appropriate dimensions accounted for, a friend who knows your home (or closet) can help you to remember things far more clearly. They can remind you that you might already have something similar, or the color isn't quite right or you do in fact have an empty spot in the corner of your living room that that old record player stand would be perfect for!

Talk the talk

Just as a buddy can aid in jogging your memory, they can also help to talk you in (or out) of something you really don't need (or actually, very much need.) Your best bet is to bring along someone that understands your style and is adept at seeing past the current iteration of something to what it could be.

Finders keepers

Scenario: You unearth exactly what you had in your mind's eye, but don't have the cash to cover it right then and there. You need to make a run for the ATM, but are afraid someone else will come along and scoop up your design riches while you're away. Sure, you can ask the vendor to hold the piece for you, or can you more swiftly leave your mate to hold down the fort and ensure it doesn't land in anyone else's hands but yours.

Get carried away

Having some extra muscle with you will help to make getting that great coffee table you found home much more easily than wrangling it yourself.

What are some of your own never-fail thrifting techniques? Share with us!

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