7 Unique Ways to Prepare Your Home for Guests During the Holidays

7 Unique Ways to Prepare Your Home for Guests During the Holidays

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 14, 2010
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Company might be coming to stay for an evening or entire week, but one thing is for sure, you want your space to look its best and feel extra cozy. Here's a few ideas on making their stay special by doing a bit more than basic cleaning and making sure there's enough towels. Some might say above and beyond, we say going all out to make someone's holiday a little more special!

1. Make A Soundtrack: There's certain songs throughout everyone's holiday season that really ring home with them. Maybe it's something from your past, or a radio hit that seems to never leave the air waves. Whatever your favorites are, make a mix for your guests to enjoy as well. Burn a CD or even pick up an inexpensive jump drive (which are loss leaders at many electronics stores these days) to download your favorite tunes to! Your guests can listen to it as they fall asleep at night, on their drive home or while they're out and about around town!

2. Create A Midnight Snack Shelf In Your Pantry: When we have friends and family over to stay, we're always telling people to dig through the pantry or refrigerator to find snacks or meals that we aren't eating together as a group. Though some aren't shy about it, others might be. Try making one shelf in your fridge easily accessible with things for quick salads or sandwiches and likewise, clear a shelf in your pantry with easy to grab snack items such as granola, dried fruit, cookies or crackers.

3. Create A Tourist Pack: Sometimes our company will be heading out on their own to explore your city while you're away or at work. Make them feel at home by giving them maps, lists of attractions, bus/train routes or even a preloaded pass for the easiest mass transit near you. You could also pre-program your GPS device to have landmarks loaded in for easy access.

4. Supply A Dirty Clothes Bag: When we're away from home, unless you remembered to bring a dirty clothes bag with you, there's a strategic balance between hanging up clothes that can be worn again to make new outfits and keeping ones that are a wee bit fragrant out of your suitcase. Do your guests a favor and make (or buy) them an inexpensive dirty clothes bag. They can be super simple to make (just sew up two sides of a length of fabric and add Velcro if you're not handy enough to add a rope or ribbon to hold it closed) and a huge blessing for company. When they're ready to return home, they can take it with them and have it for the next time they travel.

5. Earth, Water, Fire: In the room where your guests will be staying, take a few extra seconds to see that they have some essentials in their space. Even if you forget to put them in your own bedroom, a plant, a carafe of water and a candle can go a long way to making any space feel more comfortable and a little like home for an out of town traveler.

6. Towel Origami: For the most part, you won't find many of us using our spare time to fold our towels into swans or small woodland creatures on a day to day basis. But pulling out all the stops when company comes to town can make your space extra memorable. It might be a little silly, but they'll know you really took the time to think about putting some joy into their season.

7. Give Them A Tips Sheet: Although some spaces are pretty straight forward, others can be a bit tricky when it comes to things like finding light switches or knowing which channels on TV are what. To save them from sifting through 300+ channels of cable, give them a cheat sheet like you have in a hotel to your favorite 10 and give them a quick map of important light switches or how to make the tv or alarm clock work in their room. These things might come naturally to you, but to a guest, all bets are off!

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