7 Ways to De-Stress Your Office Space

7 Ways to De-Stress Your Office Space

Mike Tyson
Nov 1, 2010

Offices can be stressful by their very nature. Whether they're at work or at home, both can be equally demanding and sometimes we need to find ways to escape the pressure. We have some helpful tips of how to alleviate the tension that doesn't involve those cheap stress balls. Of course, it is good to keep in mind that all of these suggestions depends upon the environment in which you use them and all must be used in moderation. Some offices are stricter than others and some are as strict as you want them to be (we're looking at you, work at homers or bosses.)

1. Bring a book
Sometimes the best escape can be a good fiction novel that you can dive into for 15 minutes at a time or so. It gives your eyes a break from staring at the screen and puts your mind in a completely different context. It might even boost your brain power! Bring along a good book to the office everyday and you'll be surprised how quickly you'll start to knock out your "meaning to read" list.

2. Check your personal email
If you're anything like us, you have a nice influx of personal emails from stores, venues, or other places of interest. We like to collect these sale/news/event emails and check them periodically throughout the day. It doesn't take too much time to parse but when we use them to break up the emails reminding us of the 2 o'clock deadline, they become a nice mini-vacation or stress-free zone.

3. Ship packages to work
We love anticipating a shipment. For some reason it makes whatever we receive more satisfying to get than if we were to buy them in the store. Awaiting a shipment can be a satisfying way to get through a work day. The day seems to fly by when we know a package is coming in the afternoon. You don't have to spend a fortune on every item, but if you could find small things here and there that you need, especially with a free shipping offer, it might be worthwhile to try out.

4. Get some toys and games
Now, we're not expecting you to break out the Monopoly board and spend the afternoon cleaning out your coworkers. But there isn't any harm in bringing a small toy (if you're into collecting them) into the office or perhaps buying a stimulating app for your phone. Sometimes when we're on hold for extended periods of time on the work phone, we like to break out the Scrabble app on our iPhone and test the brain a bit to keep us refreshed.

5. Adds some plants
Not only do they tend to brighten up any workspace, but the daily care they require will be a relaxing addition to an otherwise stressful routine. If you're at home and you're worried about pets, air plants are your best bet. You can hang them on a wall, out of reach, and require only a small amount of water. And of course, they look really beautiful as well.

6. Speaking of pets…
If we're talking about the home office, and you do have a pet, take some time everyday to just hang out. And we're not talking about the routine dog walk or have the cat hang out on your desk. Really spend some time with them. Push yourself away from the keyboard and throw a ball around or let them sit in your lap and give them a good petting. They'll love the attention and it will help you calm down after a stressful conference call.

7. Infuse some Feng Shui
Maybe the ancient art of Feng Shui might can put your mind at ease. Rearranging your space might help open up your thoughts.

[1st image: Peter Olofsson, 2nd image: FacilySencillo, 3rd image: Kiem Tang]

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