7 Ways To Use Doilies In A Fresh and Modern Way

updated Jul 16, 2020
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The word “doily” just sounds old and musty, doesn’t it? In reality, they’re small little works of art that can be found all over at local thrift stores and estate sales. After we mentioned using them as wall art yesterday, we thought a proper roundup was in order to showcase their true modern beauty. Here are 7 ways to put them to use and get them out of the linen closet!

Simply coat them in a fabric stiffener and make them into any shape you want—stacked, layered, sewn together—the list is endless!

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1. Green Style: DIY Doily Table Runner
2. DIY Lace Doily Vase
3. Inspiration: Framed Doilies
4. Delightful Doily Inspiration!
5. Look! Lace Tablecloths as Curtains
6. Hot or Not? Doily Lighting by Caitlin Holcomb
7. Make Your Own Custom Doily Wall Art

Do you have another great use for them? Share below!

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