12 Ways to Improve Your Home's "Social" Security

12 Ways to Improve Your Home's "Social" Security

Taryn Williford
Nov 2, 2011

On a base level, you probably realize that the new landscape of social media—with an ever-present focus on updating and sharing your current location—is potentially giving burglars and other nefarious home invader types plenty of intel to case up your home. But has that really stopped you from checking in on Foursquare? Probably not. It's because the threat doesn't seam real—until you see numbers like these.

According to this infographic, nearly 80% of burglars use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to target potential propterties, and 74 percent of burglars use Google Street View to scope out potential homes before they strike.

Luckily, the scare-you-straight infographic also contains some advice about how to protect your home as you use your social profiles. We've also added a few of Unplggd's best tips to the list.

Here are 12 great guidelines to maintain your home or apartment's "social" security as you surf and update your social media profiles:

  1. Set your Facebook privacy settings to allow only your friends to see your content.
  2. Change your Facebook settings to prevent friends from tagging you at check-ins.
  3. Only add actual friends to your network.
  4. Don't include your address on any social media profiles; a city and state is enough.
  5. Refrain from announcing that you will be out of town for an extended period of time.
  6. Don't post photos that reveal your address or landmarks near your home.
  7. Avoid posting photos of expensive items in your home or tweeting about new purchases.
  8. Try to disable device-specific signatures from your email account and twitter, like "Sent from my iPhone," or "Posted with TweetDeck for iPad."
  9. Disable GPS access for apps like Twitter and Facebook so your posts aren't tagged with info like, "...from San Francisco, California."
  10. Don't create a venue and check-in to your apartment or work.
  11. Don't use social media to broadcast a routine (like a 6 a.m. trip to "Pleasantville Athletic Club").
  12. Don't set up an email-auto reply announcing you're out of town.

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