8 Bathroom Design Classics

Earlier this month, we made a list of 8 Kitchen Design Classics that we feel can withstand the trend cycles. Today, we’re doing the same for the bathroom. If you’re renovating, it’s always a safe bet to choose materials and fixtures you’ll be able to live with for a long time.

  • 1) Subway and Hex Tile: Subway tile also appeared on our list of kitchen classics. It’s reasonably priced, goes with a lot of looks, and it’s easy to clean. Hex tile’s smaller pattern makes it a little harder to maintain, but it’s great for creating more detailed pattern, which can actually make a small space like a bathroom seem larger.
  • 2) Train Racks: Mounted to the wall, these compact racks act as both shelves and towel bars. Often crafted of nickel or chrome, they’re made to withstand long-term wear and they can fit neatly above a door or toilet.
  • 3) Beadboard: In bathrooms that aren’t tiled, painted beadboard is used to create a surface that’s easier to clean than drywall. Its vertical, striped pattern also helps to visually enhance the height of a small bathroom. Lately, we’ve noticed that lot of tile companies have been creating glazed ceramic “mock beadboard,” which enables you to get the same look with a surface that’s more water resistant.
  • 4) White Cotton Towels: Fluffy white towels always make us think of hotels. They’re simple, they go with anything, and you can always tell when they get dirty, which makes spotless white towels feel very reassuringly clean.
  • 5) Clawfoot Tubs: A lot of prewar apartments have clawfoot tubs. Made of enameled cast iron or porcelain, these tubs have a very traditional look to them, and they’re a great way to create a focal point in the bathroom.
  • 6) Pedestal and Console Sinks: Compared to sinks with a cabinet base, these styles are classic space savers. We especially like the built-in towel bar that comes with a console sink.
  • 7) Hinged Mirrored Medicine Cabinets: This is another small space product that’s earned its keep by providing storage and a vanity mirror all in one.
  • 8) Chrome or Nickel-Plated Fixtures: Faucets and knobs in these silver finishes are unobtrusive, easy to match, and simple to maintain.

Photos: Subway Ceramics, Jill Slater, Ceramica Colli, Crate and Barrel, Kohler, Restoration Hardware, Roburn