8 Essential Things to Know Before Dating Someone Who's Obsessed With Design

8 Essential Things to Know Before Dating Someone Who's Obsessed With Design

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 20, 2015

Feeling butterflies for someone who's really (really) into design? You're about to get a rude awakening in a few key areas. Don't freak out. We can help you prepare for this stuff.

He considers his apartment a reflection of himself

You can learn a lot about this person based on what he chooses to put in his home and, by the way, he's probably looking at your place with the same critical eye.

She will often pause a movie to admire (or admonish) the sets and prop styling

Time these interruptions with your bathroom and snack breaks and you two will get along just fine.

He probably owns many heavy books with very few words and lots of pictures

Your beloved's coffee table is a place for his many, many beautiful books to be displayed and occasionally paged through (P.S. putting your feet up there is a no no). Yes, they were very expensive. No, you shouldn't mention it.

If you can agree on whether it's Mid-Century Modern, Midcentury Modern or Mid Century Modern, you'll be together forever.

The debate rages on. Don't let it cause rage in your relationship.

It's fine if you don't share the same taste — just be able to back up your position

It's cool to disagree if you have an actual argument. In fact, people who love design also love to debate the merits of different styles. What they don't love is a limp fish who just says, "It's ugly" without being able to articulate why.

You'll be at the flea market a lot

Sometimes store bought decor just won't do and you will need to go rogue to the land of the vintage and the one-of-a-kind find. Your partner considers these elusive items to be the ultimate prize. Hint: after he uncovers a great flea market find is a great time to ask for a favor.

When you take a book out of a color-coded shelf, put it back in the right place

For God's sake, you might as well be taking clothes off hangers and throwing them on the closet floor.

Her gallery wall project could take all day Saturday, and she's just fine with that

Do not suggest that it's "good enough" after hour three. The process of arranging a gallery wall provides just as much satisfaction as the actual end result. Don't sap the joy out of it!

NEVER use Comic Sans

This is most likely his #1 relationship deal breaker.

Are you design obsessed? What other tricky issues have come up in your relationships?

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