8 Free Ways to Instantly Make Your Living Room Look a Little Bit Better

8 Free Ways to Instantly Make Your Living Room Look a Little Bit Better

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 10, 2014
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Sometimes it's not about the grand, sweeping changes to a room. Occasionally, just a few smart moves can make a room in your home the tiniest bit better. And what better than a little extra time on the weekend to effect a small but meaningful change? If you're on a budget, you'll appreciate that all these little efforts cost zero dollars.

1. Clean the baseboards, blinds and windows
These three small spots accumulate dust, dirt and grime throughout the year, but they're not usually on anyone's list of regular cleaning spots. Give 'em a shine and see how they make the whole room seem subtly fresher.

2. Vacuum, clean and fluff the seating
My sofa is a magnet for crumbs, and a good vacuum always make it just feel better. Add in a fluff of the cushions and pillows and the seating practically looks new.

3. Adjust the lighting
Switch out a gazillion watt overhead bulb for something less blinding. Move a lamp across the room like you've been meaning too. Open the curtains a little wider. Do something that will help bring the right kind of light into your living room.

4. Perfect a vignette
Big or small space, vignettes are the opportunity to express a little personality in a small spot in a bigger space. It's free to rearrange any time, as it is to shop the rest of your house to spice it up. A few found objects can be free but still create a cool collection for a tabletop or shelf.

5. Refresh your art
Switch two pieces to try out a different spot. Splash some leftover paint on a vintage art find to add color to a DIY piece. DIY art from materials you have on hand. Rearrange a wall art collage. Lean something up against a wall instead of hang it.

6. Rearrange the seating
We've spoken before about maximizing seating for conversation. Well, why not try rearranging the seating into a new configuration you've never tried? Or subtracting a chair. Or adding one in from another room. Or splaying the floor cushions just so.

7. Add something alive
You don't have to go out and buy anything — steal a plant from your outdoor space and bring it in, even if just for a day. Or politely collect a found plant from outside. Even just some branches artfully displayed could add some texture (even if they're not still alive).

8. Make it feel bigger
Many people could use more room in their living room. Even if you can't knock down a wall, you can try a few tricks to make it seem larger. Try one of the ideas in this .

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