Design-Forward Finds for People Who Happen to Smoke Pot, from the Editors of Broccoli Magazine

published Nov 17, 2017
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Marijuana use is allowed recreationally in eight states, medically in 29 states, and socially in around 13 percent of living rooms. And if you needed more than numbers to convince you that pot smoking is finally on its way to becoming the nbd thing you always hoped it would be, we now have Broccoli, a lifestyle magazine for women who love cannabis created by women who love cannbis.

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It’s an unconventional title to see on the proverbial newsstand, even now. Pot magazines of the past have always been unrefined (and maybe black-lit with a graphic homage to the Phish aesthetic). But Broccoli is something elevated. It looks more like Kinfolk than High Times — not surprising when you realize that a chunk of Broccoli’s masthead came straight from Kinfolk, including former Kinfolk creative director and now Broccoli editor-in-chief Anja Charbonneau.

The goal with Broccoli, as Anja described to me over email, is to give cannabis a dedicated space to be discussed in a fresh and approachable way, through the lenses of art, culture and fashion.

The most approachable part? A print issue of Broccoli costs nothing. (Really.) You can head to the website and request their first ever issue for free (brick and mortar stockists should be announced later this month).

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But you don’t have to wait to get a sneak peek of what you can expect inside the pages of the magazine. Their Instagram (@broccoli_mag) is a solid follow, but we also have Broccoli’s deputy editor and hilarious human Ellen Freeman here to share some of her favorite products for design-minded people who happen to smoke pot. Because if you’re going to have paraphernalia out on your coffee table, it needs to look good.

I’ll let Ellen take it from here…

(Image credit: Yew Yew)

Yew Yew Pipes

Yew Yew, $68

Yew Yew handmakes minimal half-moons and wedges in desert tones, ceramic pipes that you don’t have to hide when company comes over — basically everything a giant bong is not.

(Image credit: Tetra)

Tetra Balance Pipe

Tetra, $65

Designer James Wolfond applied design thinking to a pipe and solved all of our #pipeproblems. This arty-sciencey glass bowl is (like every one of Tetra’s high-end smoking accessories) a thing of beauty, but it also stays cool to the touch, won’t tip over and spill your weed, and is as simple to puff on as a straw.

(Image credit: Sweetflag)

Christina Haines x Sweetflag Amphora Pipe

Sweetflag, $50

Calling all “potheads”: now you can toke out of a teensy, wheel-thrown, terracotta amphora in the style of Ancient Greece. Finally, the ideal smoking accessory for the classics major as obsessed with miniatures as we are.

(Image credit: Homecoming)

Tsubota Pearl Queue Glossy Lighter

Homecoming, $28

Raise your burnt thumb if you burn your thumb every time you use a lighter. We really like that don’t have to hold down the flint to keep Tsubota Pearl’s slim lighters aflame, but the real reason we want the whole set is that they look like a lipgloss, a pen, a game of pick-up-sticks — anything but a tacky disposable lighter.

(Image credit: Coming Soon)

AYTM Walnut Tray with Brass Insert

Coming Soon, $115

You don’t organize your weed stuff on a fancy tray? Were you raised in a barn? But seriously, paraphernalia as pretty as these deserve display on your nightstand or coffee table, and this walnut tray doubles as a rolling surface for a less-mess sesh.

(Image credit: Goldleaf)

Goldleaf Notebooks

Goldleaf, $14-$16

One of the coolest things about legal weed is that we actually know what we’re buying, but navigating all of the strain-talk can be overwhelming. These pocket journals for medical cannabis patients, growers, and recreational connoisseurs take the guesswork out of experimentation. Each one has pages and pages of guided entries and handy infographics that help you track your experience and cultivate a cannabis self-care routine.

(Image credit: Vertly)

Vertly CBD Infused Lip and Skin Balm

Vertly, $22

CBD is THC’s tamer sister; it isn’t psychoactive, but it is a topical anti-inflammatory that people swear by for anxiety and pain relief. Vertly swirled some in with a bunch of luscious plant butters for a moisturizing kiss of CBD — so, the opposite of cottonmouth.

(Image credit: LEVO)

LEVO Oil Infuser

LEVO, $199.99

We remember when the easiest way to infuse food with weed was to put a nug between two pieces of cheese on a cracker and microwave it. The world is a much better place now, because LEVO’s sleek kitchen gadget effortlessly infuses any oil with any herb, fruit, vegetable, or flower — we want to try using it to make DIY CBD beauty treatments, too. Put one on your wedding registry and tell the grandparents it’s for making “sage butter”.

(Image credit: Jessa Carter)

Van der Pop Stash Jars

Van der Pop, $15-$20

And once you’ve figured out that Durban Poison gives you the focus to re-pot all of your succulents, or that the perfect nap starts with Llama Kush — and yeah, we find strain names as silly as you do — organize your own personal apothecary in these discreet Van der Pop jars. They make one for each category of experience: Sleep, Focus, Laugh, Sex, and Party. Besides being a helpful labeling tool, they’re actually mini humidors designed to keep your stash fresh and clean.

Thank you, Ellen and Anja!

You can pick up the first issue of Broccoli magazine here for free.