Weird, Wise and Worth a Try: 8 Homekeeping Hacks to Change How You Dust

published Jan 12, 2017
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On your list of household chores, dusting is probably, first, one of your least favorite things to do, and second, not exactly a high priority in comparison to things like doing the dishes or making the bed. But, it’s got to be done, and we’ve found eight ways you can make it a little simpler, lots more effective and, in some cases, infinitely weirder (and therefore, more fun). You’ll just need tongs, spare socks, an old pillowcase, and a slice of bread (yes, bread—but more on that later!) and you’ll be in a dust-free home, breathing easier—literally.

Swap Swiffer Pads for Fuzzy Socks

Want to take on dusty, dirty floors without creating extra waste? According to One Good Thing by Jillee, you can hack your Swiffer by switching out your usual cleaning pads with a chenille sock. Just put the sock around the bottom of your Swiffer and get cleaning. And the best part? You can wash them and reuse them as much as you want.

Use Tongs to Clean Blinds

If your window blinds are collecting more dust than you can deal with, this trick from One Crazy House can help. Just grab a pair of tongs, wrap each end in a microfiber dusting cloth (secure with 4 elastic bands—2 on each side) and clasp down on individual blinds to dust. Use a cleaning spray for stubborn dust that won’t budge.

Dust Screens With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can do more than keep your clothes static free—they make great dusters for computer monitors and TV screens too, among other household uses. (If you don’t have any dryer sheets to spare, you can also use coffee filters!)

Lint Roll Your Lamp Shades

Lamp shades always seem to be a struggle to dust properly, but with a little help from a lint roller—something you likely have lying around at home anyway—you can take them on with ease. The Creek Line House shows just how simple it is.

Brush Dust From Small Spaces

If you have small figurines collecting dust or any spots with tiny, hard-to-clean crevices, a paintbrush can do the trick. A tip from Thrifty Fun is to use a clean, natural bristle paintbrush to dust off delicate knickknacks.

Dust Ceiling Fans With Pillowcases

A tip from Real Simple—if your ceiling fan is in need of some serious dusting, use an old pillowcase. It’ll keep all the dirt, dust and debris contained inside the pillowcase instead of falling all over your home, and you can wash and re-use them when you’re done.

Bring Your Broom to New Heights

Your crown molding may be too high to reach, but get creative with a broom and even the furthest, dustiest parts of your home don’t stand a chance. Secure a microfiber cloth with a rubber band to the bristles and dust away.

Clean Paintings With Old Bread

This may seem a little strange, but according to The Brick House, it really works. If you’ve got paintings that need dusting but you’re afraid to cause any damage, use old white bread to gently clean them off—then dust off any crumbs with a clean soft-bristle paintbrush.