8 Ideas Worth Stealing from Vintage Kitchens

8 Ideas Worth Stealing from Vintage Kitchens

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 6, 2017
(Image credit: Kitschy Living)

I can't get enough of vintage interiors, especially vintage kitchens. And although these spaces may look a little strange to us — after all, that's what makes them so interesting — if you look closely enough, you might find a few ideas that are worth stealing for your own space.

Above: This kitchen is from a vintage GE ad from 1955, spotted on Kitschy Living. The curtains and wood paneling seem a bit outdated, but the two-tone upper and lower cabinets and brightly colored appliances are actually very on trend. I could see this working in a modern kitchen, stainless countertops and all, maybe with upper cabinets in a slightly more understated color (or white).

(Image credit: Creative Pro)

This kitchen, spotted on Creative Pro, also features bold colors, although I wouldn't suggest copying them (unless you're really, really into green). The thing that catches my eye here is the kitchen island with the giant overhang all around — a built-in that can be a prep island, gathering spot, or family dining table as the occasion requires.

(Image credit: Mid Century Home Style)

Who wouldn't want a lazy susan pantry like the one in this 1940s kitchen from Mid Century Home Style? Just a little spin and everything is within easy reach.

(Image credit: Midcentury Ephemera)

The kitchen in this vintage vinyl tile ad, spotted on Midcentury Ephemera, feels surprisingly modern — the lady on the right could even, if you just glance at the ad, be reading a Kindle or iPad. It's hard to tell if this is supposed to represent a kitchen on a Japanese screen-like wall or an entire wall of windows, but I think either idea is lovely.

(Image credit: Mid Century Home Style)

This 1955 apartment kitchen from Mid Century Home Style, via their Flickr, has a genius detail that I'm surprised I haven't seen in more modern kitchens: a pegboard backsplash. It's the perfect place to hang up anything you need within easy reach.

(Image credit: Dry Dock Shop)

The yellow tile in this 70s kitchen, spotted on Dry Dock Shop, may not be something that modern homeowners are eager to repeat, but I'd take a two-story window well above my sink any day.

(Image credit: Mid Century Home Style)

Some of the features in this 1950s kitchen from Mid Century Home Style, via their Flickr, might not be worth repeating. Like those vegetable print tiles, and the vinyl flooring that may or may not have a fish print. But those little tables that pull out from the bar — it appears that you pull a door down, and then slide out the dining surface — are just genius.

(Image credit: Retro Renovation)

Ok, so this one's a little blue sky. As far as I know, you can't currently buy a wall-hanging refrigerator/freezer like this one in a 1955 GE ad, spotted on Retro Renovation — but wouldn't it be great if you could?

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