10 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Living Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With Spring creeping in with a vengeance (the temps predicted to climb into the 80s this weekend!), we thought it was time to refresh our décor to reflect the season. Even if you’re not doing the spring cure, here are 10 inexpensive fixes to freshen up your abode and to bring the sparkle of the season inside…

  • Spring clean: Give the floors and walls a good cleaning. Wipe down the door jambs and clean the light fixtures. If you don’t want to do it yourself, spring for maid service.

  • Toss the trash: Living room’s quickly accumulate old magazines, newspapers and books. Return books to their shelves and recycle, donate or toss the newspapers and magazines.

  • Declutter your knick-knacks: Bare is better in hot weather. It’s visually cooling.

  • Declutter your pillows: Or consider recovering them in a lightweight fabric.

  • Open your windows: Let the fresh air circulate through the room. If you have curtains, now’s the time to take them down and have them dry cleaned and pressed. If you have miniblinds or shades, give them a good dusting. You may even want to take them down and wash them. Blinds can easily be washed in the bathtub.

  • Bring the outdoors inside: We know most people are putting their plants outside but we like to purchase a few to put inside our homes. In addition to adding colour and beauty, they clean the air. And, of course, we always have bunches of seasonal flowers around.

  • Decorate with fruit – and eat it: A big bowl of oranges, green apples or a sculptural artichoke look good and are good for you.

  • Rethink your furniture arrangement: With more time spent entertaining and less time in front of the television cozied up under a throw watching television, it might be time to reorient your room. Pull the furniture off the walls. Do you have a great window or a great view? Look at that instead.

  • Have your rugs cleaned and consider storing them for the summer: Bare floors are cooling for bare feet and lighten a room visually.

  • Swap out your candles for spring scents: Or cut open some citrus and let the fresh scent permeate your room.

    [Image from Living Etc.]