​8 Insane Kitchen Hacks That Are Completely Normal in NYC

​8 Insane Kitchen Hacks That Are Completely Normal in NYC

Oct 29, 2014
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Oh, New Yorkers. We tend to only notice our kitchens when we're starved... for space. I may or may not have once dated a guy whose fridge contained just three items: Coronas, ketchup, and his entire sweater collection. (See #3 to find out what was in his freezer.) And the worst part is... I thought it was brilliant!! If your idea of making dinner is transferring takeout to a real plate, you may want to try some of these best (and worst) kitchen hacks we've seen in NYC.

#1 There's an Oven in My Walk-In Closet

Lots of lighting, plenty of cabinet space, and countertops, too! Sound like the perfect closet? It's your kitchen! If you have a full wardrobe and an empty larder, turn your kitchen into clothing storage.

#2 Using Dishwashers as Sanitizers

If you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher in NYC: congratulations, you're killing it. But did you know your dishwasher can sanitize more than just dishes? Like that little plastic case you put your contacts in night after night, your makeup brushes, or even your flip flops. They probably wouldn't mind a sanitary spin the next time you run a cycle.

#3 Washing Jeans in the Freezer

It's very hard to be hip in New York right now without a sturdy pair of raw selvedge denim jeans. But if you ever (EVER!!) wash them, you run the risk of ruining those wicked sweet denim fades you've worked so hard to break in. Not to fear—stashing jeans in the freezer overnight will kill bacteria so you can put on a fresh (-ish) pair in the AM. Just let them thaw first. (Not to be an enabler, but there's a pretty rad tutorial on this right here.)

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#4 Kitchen Vanity

No room in your tiny water closet for your beauty routine? No problem! You're putting on lipstick while putting away your granola every morning anyway—why not just combine breakfast with beauty? Just hang a mirror on the inside of a cabinet door and stash makeup and supplies in the drawer below. Kitchen hacks: they're grr-r-eat!

#5 Installing a Library

Remember books? They were like an internet you could touch. Sometimes it feels life-affirming to still have them around, so I've stashed all mine in the space between the top of my kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. It's the perfect excuse to invest in a beautiful kitchen library ladder.

#6 Making Every Day a Spa Day

My friends in Palm Springs may have an olympic size swimming pool, cryotherapy sauna, and Turkish hamam in their backyard but can they instantly aromatize their entire living space with the calming scent of eucalyptus? Nope, they can't. At the end of a busy day, I like to take to the stove and simmer a saucepan filled with 2 inches of water, add 10-15 drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil, let off some steam and breathe deep knowing that each and every one of my 250 sq. ft. are now serene and spa-like.

#7 Setting up a Servery

In the olden days a servery was essentially a butler's pantry, a space designed for un-molding aspics or garnishing desserts with candied violets. Today, we'd like to re-appropriate this term to suggest the marriage of technology with the culinary. In other words: charging your iPhone on the kitchen counter is officially OK. Set up a charging station in your kitchen and as long as you call it a "servery" no one will question how serious you are about making cassoulet, even if it involves a few YouTube tutorials along the way.

#8 Pioneering a New Seamless Headquarters

What, you don't cook? Ha, it's cool, me neither. And, let's be honest, why would you when you could be upgrading your space with these totally normal hacks, while ordering in from some of the best restaurants in the world?

Tonight's dinner is already ready for you over at Seamless. And while you're waiting for your pad kee mao to show up, you can submit your own kitchen hack using the hashtag #TapTapTakeout on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to win $500 in Seamless Bucks.

Submit your kitchen hack using #TapTapTakeout for a chance to win $500 in Seamless Bucks

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