8 Places To Use Color That Normally Get Overlooked

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we talk about color, usually the first thing that comes to mind is of course, the walls. Next up you go to carpets and rugs and then window treatments and pillows. We’ve been there and done that, so here’s 10 more places to add in a little color where it might be unexpected.

1. Lampshades: Although the first choice is usually white or at least a soft neutral, check out some of these past bright and exciting shades that will really add some spice to your space (which is really fun to say outloud. Spice to your space, spice to your space). Check out some of these for a little look-see!

2. Table Settings: In my own home we have a ridiculous amount of all white plates and while I stand behind their ability to match anything during any season, bright colorful dishware means you can leave them on display and make them part of your space instead of hiding away. We’re especially fond of these!

3. Casters: They’re not only functional, but add a little something to your furniture. Did you know they come in all sorts of colors? We find them at our local farm store, but there are all sorts of online retailers that carry some of the coolest caster we’ve ever seen (at rather affordable prices we might add).

4. Stairs: Even if you’re not into runners or rugs on your stairs, try painting or decoupaging the fronts with paper to give them a personalized look that can always be changed out or even stripped down if you grow tired of it, here’s a few that had us saying, ooh-la-la!

5. Ceilings: Although the idea of painting your ceiling a color other than white has become more socially accepted, try going a bit brighter or a bit bolder than you would normally think. Balance it out in a room with a few bold accents below. Smaller spaces work better for this, unless your room gets a great deal of light! Here’s a little eye candy to get your brain thinking!

6. Shelving: Instead of going with white or wood, possibly even stainless steel, try painting, powder coating or purchasing some that are a little spunkier. Don’t worry about items not fitting in, we’re positive that if you have great taste in decor you’ll work things out! Check out this past post for some inspiration.

7. Artwork Mats: We all know that artwork brings a bit of color to our space, but you can make it zing a little more with some colored matting or even framing to your piece. Watch estate sales and auctions for inexpensive chunky frames that are easy to repaint and watch for framing and matting supplies to go on sale at your local craft stores (which they do at least once a month).

8. Hardware: Even though it seems odd to think about hardware and color — hello, they’re so small — it’s a great way to personalize just a little without feeling like you’re stuck inside a carnival. Paint up some knobs or pulls and see how much it changes the look of your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom furniture! If you’re not feeling like a diy, try these on for some inspiration.

Where do you try to bring in small amounts of color without going overboard? Let us know in the comments below!