8 Bird Print Fabrics for Decorating

During Before and After month, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the gorgeous, large-scale projects from readers, the blogosphere, and home design magazines. However, even a small-scale project, like new throw pillows or curtains, can rejuvenate a room and make you happier to walk into it. If you’re thinking about a sewing project for your home, these bird print fabrics may be just right.

Depending on fabric weight, they’re ideal for sewing curtains, upholstering a side chair, or making a pillow cover in 5 minutes. A few of them would look especially sweet used to make fabric buckets. The birds range from streamlined to downright goofy — a sign that no matter what your style, there’s probably a bird fabric out there for your home, mood, and project.

1. Organic cotton poplin “Linked Birds” in Plum, approx. $27 a meter at Volksfaden.
2. “Swallow Dive” fabric, approx. $56 at Vanessa Arbuthnott.
3. Kokka “Purple Perch” upholstery weight fabric, $19.95 at Purl Soho.
4. “Seagull” in linen, denim-hemp mix, or organic cotton $90 a yard from Jenny Lee Katz.
5. “Pretty Bird Spice”, $8.95 per yard at Tonic Living.
6. “Hummingbird” fabric in blue and olive, approx. $76 a meter at Duckcloth.
7. Alexander Henry upholstery weight “It’s a Hoot” fabric, on sale for $8.75 a yard at Purl Soho.
8. Combed cotton “Birds of Norway” in Expresso, $8.95 a yard at Tonic Living.