8 Steps to Color Confidence: Step #2 Are You Warm or Cool?

8 Steps to Color Confidence: Step #2 Are You Warm or Cool?

Janel Laban
Jun 25, 2015
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One of the key questions to ask yourself to determine which colors are going to make you happiest at home is a fairly straightforward one: are you cooler than cool or red hot? Knowing the answer to this one question helps you start to build color palettes for rooms that will feel "just right" whenever you enter them...

Last week, some of you went on a color treasure hunt to gather as many examples of colors and color combinations that appealed to you as possible.

If you did the exercise, by simply taking a look back over the images you collected, you should see a color temperature direction reveal itself. There will always be exceptions to the rule in any group of photos, but for the most part, reviewing the pics you chose as a whole should allow you to begin to sort yourself into one of two camps: cool (blues, greens, cool purples and blue-grays) or warm (reds, oranges, yellows, warm browns and red-grays).

Once you establish which of the two broad camps you are in, see if you can further define it to include which intensity of warm or cool colors is most appealing to you. This step is about thinking about the tones and tints of the colors. Do you gravitate to darker dramatic versions of the colors or chalky, modern pastels? Intense solid brights or softer, more subtle versions of the hues? One way to describe these smaller groupings are: cool/dark, cool/light, warm/dark, warm/light.

And, finally, because some of us are attracted to a wider spectrum of hues used together in a space, there there's the mix option that includes both warm and cool colors, with a slight lean toward one temperature direction or another.

Whether or not you did the color hunt exercise yet, take a look below at some gorgeous room photos that help represent the cool and warm color camps described above and see where you'd sort yourself (Hufflepuffs unite!).

BTW, the gorgeous photos below were all pulled from the color exercise pinterest boards that some of your fellow Apartment Therapy readers created and then shared with us all last week. (Thank you to everyone who linked to their boards!)







Mix, leaning warm:

Mix, leaning cool:

Narrowing down the range of colors, warm or cool (or a mix), that appeal to you, and then starting to think about whether you are attracted to spaces that are darker or lighter is a big step toward confidently choosing and combining colors in your own home.

Which camp are you in?

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