Dollhouses That’ll Give You Serious Design Envy

published Sep 11, 2017
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Y’all, I want to talk to you about dollhouses. But not just any dollhouses. I’m talking about chic, contemporary dollhouses that are going to make you want to shrink yourself down to two inches and move right in. Or, at least, inspire you to update your own space. These small, sophisticated spaces feature everything from enviable minimalist aesthetics to mid-century modern styles to boho-chic sensibilities. And there’s most definitely no shortage of color, texture, or pattern play. So, if you’re ready to feel motivated to revive your abode, behold the teeny tiny treasures below (and all the lessons we can borrow from them).

Can someone come over and recreate this look in my own living room, like, yesterday? Please? Mandi of Making Nice in the Midwest is the mastermind behind this space (and the one in the lead).

(Image credit: @mini_modern_designs)

Plants paired with natural wood is a great way to cultivate a spa-like feel in your bathroom, not to mention this minuscule space spotted on Mini Modern Design’s Instagram feed is nicer than our own washroom.

(Image credit: Nalle’s House)

Honeycomb backsplash, mint refrigerator, matte black range hood, and marble waterfall island? Okay, this dollhouse’s trend game is ridiculously strong. Nalle’s House, we applaud you.

(Image credit: @whimsy_woods)

Want to warm up the feel of your kitchen with trendy furniture and a hot hue? Try a black picnic table (unicorn cake optional).

More than a little obsessed with this breezy outdoor design. Maybe it’s the abundant texture. Or perhaps it’s the of-the-moment color combination. But more than likely, it’s everything.

(Image credit: @_amandabreeze_dind85)

Found via _amandabreeze_dind85‘s Instagram, proof that a statement wall is a no-fail way to add life to your look while further defining your space. Keep the rest of the room neutral so as not to overwhelm your visuals.

(Image credit: @minihome_co)

It seems like minihome_co knows just the kind of fresh, tidy, and exhale-inducing office that’ll keep you motivated to work all the live long day (even if you’re knee-high to a flea).

(Image credit: Thoughts From Alice)

Oh, hello, itty bitty boho living room of my dreams. Was Thoughts From Alice Channeling our favorite Jungalow queen, Justina Blakeney, when she dreamed up this pint-sized space?