8 Things That Make Moving That Much Easier

8 Things That Make Moving That Much Easier

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 12, 2010

Moving is a stressful and sweaty time that can feel like the end of the world, but having a few essential tools can go a long way to retaining your sanity. Sure you can probably do without any of them, but throughout our many moves we've acquired all of them and wouldn't move ever again without them!

1. Sharpie: Sure other markers will do the job, but 1 large tip Sharpie will move you and still be around to label all your burned Netflix later on in the year once you're settled in. Not that we would condone such a thing.

2. Rope: With a nod given to the movie Boondock Saints ("You and your stupid %$*&# rope!") we don't leave home without rope — especially when we move. It's almost essential to tie things down. Even if you're not putting anything on top of a car or truck it can still be handy to hold down tarps or section off parts of your moving van to help keep things secure.

3. Tape Gun: If you own more than 10 boxes worth of stuff, a tape gun is a huge (huge!) help. Never again will you search for the edge of the tape that's stuck itself back down or tear packing tape with your teeth (shiver), plus the large sound they make is oddly satisfying.

4. Blankets: If you're moving more than a few blocks, having a blanket or two in your moving truck can come in quite handy to ensure favorite pieces don't get scratched during the trip. We don't use them as often as we probably should (usually they're packed in our boxes of glass goods to keep things safe), but when you need them — you need them!

5. Box Knife: Although you'll be packing things up first, getting back into them quickly can be far less painful, so spend the few bucks and pick one up.

6. Walkie-Talkies: Yes everyone has a cell phone and yes they work just fine, but more often than not, you don't hear ring tones, text message bleeps and bloops when you're busy sweating your face off.
Walkie-talkies always have reception in the area you're working in and make you feel like you're 6 again. Neat.

7. Furniture Dolly: Even if this is the only dolly you own, it can make moving heavy items like sofas, deep freezers or even a large pile of books easier. The bonus is it will slide under your bed or in a closet when you're done moving, not to be seen or heard from again until it's needed again. Hand trucks on the other hand, well let's just say you better have a garage!

8. Plastic Wrap: Use regular wrap from your local big box retailer, like you would use in the kitchen, or order some from a place like Uline, but one of the smartest things we do each and every move is wrap shelving units that might be made from veneer or laminate to keep them safe. It works like a champ and even helps stabilize them from tipping over in the moving truck.

Do you have any moving essentials that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below and share your secret weapons for getting the job done without a meltdown!

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