8 Tips To Performing DIY Projects While Pregnant

8 Tips To Performing DIY Projects While Pregnant

Sarah Rae Smith
May 10, 2010

Being parents and performing a few do-it-yourself projects go hand in hand. With the cost of a new baby, many are looking to save some cash and do things themselves. When it comes to setting up a nursery and making your home ready for a new little one, there's a few tips you should check out to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy!

The kind folks over at Charles & Husdon have put together a quick checklist of things to remember when taking on projects while pregnant. Here are a few of our favorites:

• Wear Shoes: Your body requires that extra bit of support, no matter how desperate you are to be barefoot for most of your day.

"There's a hormone released when you're pregnant that helps loosen up the ligaments around your joints (so you can push that baby out when the time comes), which means your chance of twisting an ankle, spraining your neck, twerking a wrist, or throwing out your back are even MORE possible. Shoes will help you balance your weight and grip whatever surface you're standing on, lessening your chances of gimping around for a few weeks."

• Wear Gloves: Many home improvement projects are best done with the help of gloves, but for pregnant women, donning them can be even more important.

"Your dexterity will decrease as swelling and weight gain impair your joints (especially in your hands) and the bigger you get, the sweatier you'll be due to weight gain and hormone-induced hot flashes. The last thing you want is to drop/lose/break an important part of your project or hurt yourself due to a loss of grip.

Check out the full list and all the details over at Charles & Hudson.

(via: Charles & Hudson)
(Image: Flickr member mr. toaster licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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