8 Tricks to Make Making The Bed a Habit

8 Tricks to Make Making The Bed a Habit

Abby Stone
Apr 2, 2008

We never used to make our bed. In fact, we rebelled against it for years. Until we decided to try it out for a few weeks. Oddly enough, our bedroom looked a lot neater (and that was way before we got around to putting away the pile of clothes or the laundry basket) and our mood was a lot cheerier. Now we make our bed every morning as soon as we get up. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make this a habit after the jump...

  1. Simplify your bedding: We skip the top sheet and use a duvet-covered down comforter. Making the bed in the morning means giving the comforter & the pillows a quick shake and a smooth.
  2. You don't need to air out your bed if you use a quick spritz of a nice linen spray: And it's a treat to slip into a fresh smelling bed. Freshen your pillows once a week by fluffing them in the dryer or try this trick.
  3. Even if you share a bed, make your side: we bet your S.O. will soon follow suit.
  4. Skip the d├ęcor pillows: the less that goes on the bed, the easier it will be to get yourself over the hurdle of making it in the morning.
  5. Time yourself making the bed: we bet that task that takes so long actually only takes under 3 minutes, a blink of time even on a rushed morning.
  6. Backtrack to your bedroom after you've made your bed and take a check of your mood: We bet the sight of your room will give you a little spring in your step.
  7. Treat yourself to great linens and have them professionally pressed once in a while: Something about crisp, freshly ironed sheets makes the bed feel a bit more like a hotel.
  8. Add a vase of fresh flowers: Like fresh linens, fresh flowers make a room feel a little more decorated.


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