8 Unexpected Bedroom Elements

8 Unexpected Bedroom Elements

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 11, 2011

When it comes to bedrooms, what's supposed to go in them, large scale-wise, is usually pretty standard. A bed definitely. Maybe some dressers. A couple of nightstands. So ingrained in us is this lineup that we're absolutely delighted when we come across an unexpected furniture piece or accessory.

Whether it was an intentional plan or just something you didn't have another place for, using an unexpected piece of furniture in the bedroom gives the space instant interest. You should still probably have a bed in there if you actually want to use it as a bedroom, but all other functional needs could be served by a variety of furniture pieces you may have never thought of. We spotted a bunch of examples of unexpected furniture pieces in Apartment Therapy house tours; do you have something unexpected in yours?

1) Dining side chair, as spotted in Zoe & Nick's Cozy One Bedroom. Not too bulky and functional for sitting and for stacking and hanging things on, this might be seen more often in the dining room, but we sure like it used in a bedroom.
2) Outdoorsy Chairs We spotted an outdoorsy-looking side chair in Dana & JB's Single Family Home + Studio Gem tour. Of course, their excellent use of a matching color palette makes this chair seem right at home.
3) Art Shelves We usually spot these types of set-ups in hallways and living rooms, so seeing it over the bed in Andrew & Paul's Boys, Blues and Kennel Club gives a real formality to the space.
4) Coffee Table Okay, so this isn't so much a coffee table in the bedroom as a studio apartment, as in Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio, but you can see how riveting a coffee table looks in proximity to other bedroom furniture.
5) Cool Planters You don't always see a lot of plants in the bedroom, and you usually don't see plants hanging in planters, which makes the one we spotted in Jose's Super Small & Stylish 275 Square Foot Apartment all the more neat.

6) Office desk We're usually advocating not having your home office in the bedroom, but can't help but like the simple desk we spotted in a bedroom in David & Megan's Storefront Live/Work Loft.
7) Cool, geometric mobiles We love the small art piece we see in Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage bedroom.
8) Giant, over-sized, vintage chairs Bigger can sometimes be better when it comes to infusing your bedroom with some over-sized vintage interest, as seen in Kirsty & Phil's House of Little Treasures.

Images: 1: Zoe & Nick's Cozy One Bedroom; 2: Kyle Freeman; 3: Patrick J. Hamilton; 4: Mat Sanders; 5: Bethany Nauert; 6: Jason Loper; 7: Bethany Nauert and 8: Kirsty Gungor

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