Small Details, Big Visual Impact: 8 Common Everyday Items That Could Use a Mini Makeover

Small Details, Big Visual Impact: 8 Common Everyday Items That Could Use a Mini Makeover

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 20, 2015

With all the time, energy and resources we spend on beautifying our interior spaces, it can be a bit of a bummer when we have to incorporate not-so-attractive everyday items into our decor. But, when you don't have the storage or don't want to have to dig out of storage ten times a day something, you've got to make it fit. Tackle the task of beautifying these eight common everyday items and you'll feel the difference throughout your whole home.

1. Soap dispensers

Whether in your bathroom or by the kitchen sink, soap is a necessary item for any household. And those great strides have been made in the hand and dish soap packaging industry, finding a dispenser that matches your decor (or blends more in) will lead to a more congruous look in your space. You can buy one or even make your own: How To Turn A Mason Jar Into A Soap Dispenser.

2. Toilet paper holder

Stacking a precarious tower of toilet paper rolls in the corner of your bathroom near the toilet is for your college years. Now that you've got more sophisticated tastes, it's time to upgrade this look, too. Get creative with hidden storage solutions that can house your rolls without looking too obvious or make room in your existing storage so they have a place to live out of sight.

3. Trashcans

Do you need the size trashcan that's taking up considerable visual space in the corner of your kitchen or bathroom? Or can you downsize to store in a cabinet? If the answer is no, consider investing in a more top-of-the-line can. Though the price-tag can definitely be higher, the look (and the quality) will be a lot nicer, too.

(Image credit: Aunt Peaches)

4. Appliances

Think you're stuck with your appliances the way they look now? Not necessarily. If there's anything we've learned from the spate of refrigerator makeovers in recent years, is that you can have a big impact on the look of these huge visual objects in our homes.

5. Organize your leash/coat/purse area

The things you use and take out into the world every day — your coats, pet leashes, purses, briefcases and more — can get quite messy and unattractive if you're just throwing them in one spot each day. Make sure you're regularly decluttering and reorganizing this spot in your home and consider making it over with

6. Pet feeding area

Ahh Fido and Fluffy — they love to eat, and love having a spot that's theirs to eat in. But not only can their bowls and accessories be unattractive, that area can get messy really quickly. So invest in buying or making some pet accessories you love the look (and that the pets won't mind) and schedule this area as a regular place to clean extra well.

7. Where you charge your technology

Does the spot in your home you charge your smart phone and tablet look like a wire war zone? Either tackling organizing your wire management, or consider DIYing a charging station that looks a lot better.

(Image credit: Lucy Hewett)

8. The spice rack

Confession: I tend to be one those people that just plops down the oversized, store bought bottle of seasoning on the top of the stove back and call it a day. Don't be me. Not only will creating a more uniform storage system for your spices be a more lovely visual for your kitchen, getting more organized will be more convenient to use (and might even inspire more creative cooking sessions).

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