8 Ways To Make Your Current Bike Ride Better Than Apple

8 Ways To Make Your Current Bike Ride Better Than Apple

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 9, 2010

For those who can't wait for the latest patented item from Apple, the Smart bike or the iBike, no worries, we're here to rescue you. It's ok to be a fan of Apple products, heck most of us are too, but in this case, we're thinking we'd rather spend the money for a really great bike and then make modifications ourselves. Here's a few ideas to make your current bike more iBike worthy!

5 Space Saving Bikes We Like: To start, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the more compact bike designs that are out there on the market. If you're tech is small, having a compact bike is just another step in the right direction.

Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2010: If you are in fact in the market for a new bike, then be sure to check out these. Although they don't fold up and do tricks like the ones linked above, they are the best at what they do and that's cruise around the city. Check out Maxwell's favorite picks for 2010!

Charge Your USB Gadgets On The Go: This hack allows you to charge your USB items while you're out and about, perfect for those who are mountain biking and won't be near a power source anytime soon. It will keep all your gadgets in top performance.

Make A Waterproof iPhone Cover: Put your home recycling to use with this ridiculously simple bike hack. This idea would work for any gadget you have mounted to your handlebars, so don't be afraid to alter the size of bottle to make needed accommodations.

Biking Directions iPhone App: Ride The City: This app allows you to pick the safest route through your city in order to have you arriving at your destination on time... and without any bruising. Combine forces with other riders and keep everyone on the same path.

Tech You'll Always Want With You While Biking: Although biking is a nice chance to unplug from the world around you, there are a few essential pieces of gear you'll always want to have on hand. We carry each and every one of them as they all serve a purpose!

Versatile Product: Knog Frog Bike Safety Lights: These little babies are small, out of the way and pack a punch when it comes to cars seeing you at night. They don't take up much space on your handlebars and are easily removed to go with you wherever the night might take you!

A GPS Used For Anything But Navigation: Did you know a GPS device can do more than track your location? It can help you with your workout and do a bang up job while in the process. Check out our first hand review of this great little piece of gear.

Do you have another product or idea that seems like a good fit for those who can't wait for the Smart Bike from Apple? Share your ideas below!

Image: Range, Instructables, Knog Frog, Apple

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