5 Ways To Use Pop Up Sponges

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Several years ago we ran across an idea from Martha Stewart Baby Magazine (RIP) that utilized pop up sponges for bath time fun. Since then, we’ve put this idea to work in more places than the bathtub, Here’s How:

1. Birthday Parties: Throw a bash and let the kids cut out their own letters or shapes. Precut shapes for younger children and allow them to stamp away on their own party favor bags.

2. Sidewalk Chalk Paint: Simply mix 2 Tbsp Cornstarch, 2 Tbsp Water and 5 drops of food coloring. Wait for a sunny day and head outside with your sponge shapes. It’s quicker and easier than using a brush to paint on the fun!

3. Car Wash Fun: Most kids love the small joys in washing the family car when asked. But making cleanup have a bit more excitement and let them draw their own car, truck or scooter first! They are sure to be waxing on and off in no time at all.

4. Sponge Fight: A Summer isn’t complete without a full out heat busting sponge fight. Cut out shapes and soak your water bombs in a bucket of cold water. Once the other team is ready, launch away!

5. Plant Watering: Cut out flowers or watering cans from flattened sponge and soak sponge in water. Allow children to water plants around the house or outside by squeezing their sponge over the plant. It’s a great way to keep idle hands busy while you are trying to get in some spring planting!

You can check out Martha Stewart’s website for a duck template or be creative and make up your own!

(Image via MSLO)