9 Month Cure: On Charette

9 Month Cure: On Charette

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 11, 2006

Time Remaining: 8 days

It's the 48 hour countdown and we're camped out. Not to the baby, but to the house. I've asked SKGR to give me at least until next Saturday and she consented. Therefore, the baby won't arrive until after Saturday...

After coming back on Sunday and finding that progress had seriously faltered on Saturday and Sunday, the shit hit the fan, we went into overdrive and we're now on the site for the next two days making sure that everything gets done by Wednesday morning so that we can finally move in on Wednesday afternoon. If posting seems wierd, that's because it's all on the fly right now.

A big part of the problem has been scope creep on our part. We've wanted to add more onto the job as we've gone along. Skim coating was one thing we added. We'd never planned originally to skim both rooms.

Here you see the first skim coat of joint compount drying. It will be ready for the final coat tomorrow morning and then paint by day's end.

Track lighting going up in the kitchen! Our kitchen has never had good light. This is going to be a huge change.

We bought the track lighting on the Bowery for small change.

Our Robern cabinet that should have been installed last week! This deluxe but super simple guy is a result of not being able to find ANYTHING nearly like our old cheap version from. This one will carry all the storage in our bathroom.

It's a Robern M Series.

Our shiny vanity lights are fairly simple. We've never had vanity lights before, but we prefer them to a big thing over the top of the cabinet.

These are Motiv Sine Lights

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