9 Month Cure: The Tripod Theory

9 Month Cure: The Tripod Theory

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 19, 2006

Time Remaining: 0 days

Nothing stirring. Bags are packed, apartment is clean, and the kitchen comes tomorrow, so we're hoping that the baby comes after that, but who knows? In the meantime, we had some thoughts on where a home fits in to one's life.

Over time we've come to feel that there are three legs that hold up our life: home, relationship and job. Like tripod legs on a stool, these three are basic pillars that give us support, and if any one goes, the stool falls over and your inner stress can really start to mount.

But not right away.

You can live without a home for a short time, or you can live without a job or a relationship. If you lose one leg of the stool, you can be just fine while you look to replace it. And as long as you are working on replacing it and there is some light at the end of the tunnel, you can live fairly comfortably.

Take away two legs at the same time and things can really get hard. Existing on only one leg: be it job, home or relationship is barely tenable and as for knocking out all three legs, well, we just won't go there, will we?

We all lose one leg sometimes, when we are in transition from one job to another or one relationship to another, but it can really help if you don't make decisions that will knock out two or three legs at once.

When a leg goes, you naturally focus on replacing it, and so it really helps if you only have to focus on replacing one leg at a time. If you are dealing with multiple leg loss, it is easy to get mired and great concentration is required while you take away energy from all other parts of your life to affect these big repairs.

We had a friend who was single and switching jobs when she found out that the landlord was raising the rent astronomically and she had to move. The next few months of living with a friend and managing the transition sucked.

Moral? Keep your legs under you whenever you can.

Moral #2? If you are prone to really dramatic and torturous affairs, keep a really steady job and home (or vice vice versa).

BUT, as we've thought about this lately, it has occured to us that maybe the tripod theory is a little shortsighted. We think that MAYBE there are four legs to every life.


Spirit refers to that part of our life that lies outside the other three and which gives us greater meaning and hope. For some Spirit could be religion, though for others it could be running or even politics. The spiritual part of life is such an important and hard to describe element, but it has the potential to lift us up even when we have no legs on the ground.

Spirit is like a super-support. It can play a day to day role in a happy, full life, but it can also step in and carry the whole show whenever necessary.

So maybe life is, afer all, just like a four legged chair. At any rate, the more legs you have on the ground the more firmly you will sit.

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