9 Month Cure: Thank You!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Time Beginning: 47 days old

Done. This probably won’t be my last 9 Month Cure post (we’ll do a full house tour soon), but it is certainly time to say Thank You to all of you who supported us during the renovation and birth of our daughter. We recieved so many lovely gifts and good wishes during the final months and afterwards that it was positively astounding and much appreciated. It really helped to carry us through this time of great highs and lows, and surprised the hell out of our friends who didn’t realize how serious an online community could be. Again, Thank You.

Last night we enjoyed the sweet sensation of finally being done with our apartment. Last week, in preparation for a photoshoot for the H&H section this week (whoo-hoo!), our contractors returned and we cranked up to take care of all the final, niggling details that couldn’t be done by Ursula’s birth, such as installing major kitchen shelving with special brackets, hanging our white felt doors and doing a bunch of toxic stuff like painting a floor and walls and sealing our bathroom tile with MiraSeal.

To deal with the chaos of having our apartment turned into a battleground again, we stayed over at a friend’s house over the weekend, which was sort of a lovely little holiday after long days working on the apartment. Our friends’ apartment is over 2,000 square feet and it’s a big white loft in SoHo. There was so much space there, we had to run around to use it all up before we left.

One of the highlights of the weekend was stupidly using full strength hydro-cloric acid to acid clean our tile floor before sealing it (I was in a rush). As soon as the acid hit the floor it started to turn it green, bubble and release a smoke that began to fill the apartment (remember, no mother or baby were present). Running to open all the windows and doors, I watched the toxic reaction from outside until it subsided, and then cleaned it up with gloves and water after about 30 minutes.