9 Month Cure: What You Really Need

9 Month Cure: What You Really Need

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 9, 2006

A lot of people will tell you that one reason you can't have a baby in a small apartment is that you won't be able to fit all the baby stuff. It is true that we've seen tremendous amounts of baby stuff in many people's apartments and just dealing with what people give you can be a job in itself. But as with everything we've done, we are going to pare down. The only problem is that we really don't know what we need until we need it, right?

So we've begun asking around to get a handle on the BARE ESSENTIALS to compile a reliable list. Here's the first person we emailed with, Matilda Garrido, who came in second in the closet contest, and has strong feelings about this subject:

1. Stroller
2. Bouncy Seat
3. Crib
4. Baby Bath
5. Car Seat
6. Diapers

We know that the mention of babies on a design site is risking a lot, but AT is not just a design site; it's a HOME site and this is definitely about the home. We'll leave child rearing to someone else, but we're going to blog the stuff and it's impact on the apt.

Here's Matilda in detail:

1. Stroller: Maclaren's are the best. They fold up easily and the Techno or the Traveller can be used from birth on. Cheaper strollers are too bulky or flimsy; more expensive strollers are just not worth it. You may want a Bjorn too or a Snugli.

2-4. Bouncy Seat, Crib & Baby Bath: The only things you need at the beginning are a bouncy seat, a small baby bath and a crib. You can change diapers on something called the Rail Rider (can get at Buy Buy Baby), this is the kind of thing I think you would love - it is a changing platform that sits on top of the crib rails. Or you can just put a changing pad on the baby's bureau top. I don't think you need a swing or any other fancy place to park your baby, the bouncy seat will do fine. They have ones that vibrate to soothe the baby.

5. A Car Seat: A good one is something called the Sit and Stroll. It is a car seat that also becomes a stroller (not a sturdy one for every day use, but one you can take into the mall or use in airports). It is also a FAA approved airplane seat and obviously an approved car seat. It saves having to lug a car seat and a stroller if you go out and may be taking a cab home or something like that.

6. Kirkland brand diapers and wipes (the Costco brand) are the cheapest and really the best quality. I don't know if you will be using formula at all, but Kirkland formula is really great also. If you plan to use bottles at all, buy a tall tupperware and fill it with soapy water, and put the bottles and nipples immediately to soak after use.

7. Most importantly - in the first few weeks just remember that IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER. Really really really - it does.

Thanks, Matilda!

Pic: Karen Beard

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