9 of the Very Best Things About Living Alone

published Aug 18, 2015
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Living with roommates — or with a partner — can be pretty fun. But there are certain joys that can only be tasted by those who live alone. Here are nine of the very best things about living solo.

Singing out loud.
This is one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter what you sing, or how loudly, or how badly, because your only audience is you. (And maybe your neighbors, if your walls are especially thin.)

Watching whatever you want to watch.
No one can complain about you watching all three hours of Bachelor in Paradise in one go.

Being as clean or as messy as you damn well please.
If you clean the whole house, chances are good that it will still be that way when you get home from work. And if you don’t get a chance to clean for a week, or several weeks, chances are your roommate (that’s you) will understand.

Taking a really long time in the bathroom.
What have you been doing in there for an hour??, asks no one ever.

Adjusting the temperature at a whim.
Go ahead — get right up out of bed and adjust the air conditioner. You don’t have to ask anyone.

Doing exactly what you want, decor-wise.
Want to get a bright yellow sofa? Want to replace your sofa with a gaggle of beanbag chairs? When you’re decorating for yourself, the sky’s the limit.

Talking to your pets in weird voices.
My cat, Chloe, once had about 11 different totally bizarre nicknames. And no one had to know. Well, until now.

Hosting spontaneous gatherings.
Want to invite everyone over for a game of Settlers of Catan at the last minute? No one will mind.

Just being weird.
Doing yoga poses while you brush your teeth. Watching Sex and the City in Spanish and then replaying that one part 12 times so you can speak along and get the pronunciation just right. Drinking half a beer and then putting the rest in the fridge for later. You can be as weird as you damn well please, and it’s ok, because this is your home, and nobody else’s.