#9 - Randall's Bases-Loaded

#9 - Randall's Bases-Loaded

Apr 19, 2007

Name: Randall
Location: Chicago, IL
A/V or Home Office: A/V

Favorite Source: Beyond AT, I would recommend avsforum.com, lots of great knowledge on AV gear and installation tips that will save you thousands on purchase and install.

What inspired you? I want all my media instantly accessible without compromising performance.

I have a PS3, Wii, HDDVD, HD Cable, Custom PC DVR/DVD Server, all routed to a Denon 3806 which runs both the 42" plasma and 110" HD motorized projection system (couch on opposite wall). The front plasma speakers are Orb, and the front projection speakers are Magnepan driven by a separate B&K amp (fed by Denon) and tube in corner is SVS Sub, which extends down to 16hz.

The silver box is a 3TB protected RAID server, and holds 200 plus DVD movies and 200 CDs in full quality plus thousands of MP3s and pictures. The home network is in the bookcase too (the vertical boxes). Its all controlled by a custom Pronto Remote. Everything done by me. Haven't finished full wire management and the fireplace tile install, this contest is a week too early!!

Great Tip: PROTECT your digital life with redundant storage and back-ups!!! I am shocked as we all collect gigabytes of information and string it out across hard drives. They will fail! Get a RAID server which gives you protection against a hard drive failure, and still get into good backup routines. I like Flickr for photos on their Pro account. Are you prepared for your harddrive to die??

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