9 Unicorn Metros Where The American Dream is Still Alive & Well

9 Unicorn Metros Where The American Dream is Still Alive & Well

Melissa Massello
Sep 24, 2017

Looking for that unicorn of a U.S. metro area with a strong job market, rent and home prices that are actually still affordable, plus a vibrant social life? Yes, those cities do still exist — and a new report graded 75 American metros and ranked them in order, giving an A+ to just nine.

If you're between the ages of 22 and 37 — aka a Millennial — or know someone who is, and are hoping to delay adulting no more and settle down (but not back with your parents)...hell, even if you're an empty-nester whose property taxes have gone berserk and you're just over it, have hope. The American dream is still alive and well in Pittsburgh, Provo, and Madison, plus six additional cities, at least according to Apartment List.

Why are we all so focused on millennial trends? Because, to put it mildly, they're the ones on the move. In the recently released September "Rentomics Report Card", Apartment List also found that while the generation only made up 24 percent of the total population, they accounted for a whopping 43 percent of all movers in the United States according to Census figures from 2007 to 2012. If you're looking to spot geographic patterns, then these are your migratory birds to follow.

In addition to the aforementioned top three metros, popular-of-late destinations for millennials (and anyone seeking better quality of life) like San Antonio, Charleston, and Oklahoma City also scored aces — a trend illuminating that if you're looking for affordability, a robust job market, and a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, then your best bets right now are going to be inland metros, primarily located in the Midwest and South.

To read the full report, based on a survey of 24,000 current renters, and the full methodology — including which other cities made the top 10 — head over to ApartmentList.com.

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