9 Unlikely Gifts You’ll Wish You’d Put on Your Wedding Registry

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Wedding registries don’t all have to be pots, pans and fine china. In fact, if you’d rather have, say, a jig saw than a crystal goblet, I would definitely recommend leaving the latter off your registry, even if your mom or the sales rep says you need it.

Instead, include on your wedding registry only the things you really think you’ll use, or at least would be really delighted to have. Even if those things are a little unconventional in the registry world. Like…

Outdoor Decor, Yard Care & Gardening Tools

Your home doesn’t end at four walls. Think about the things you might need to complete and take care of whatever outdoor space you have, like a rug for the patio, a pair of pruning shears or even a lawnmower.

Power Tools (and Non-Power Tools)

Depending on where you’re registered (a superstore like Target or the like), power tools in the home improvement section could be up for scanning. Here’s a tip: There’s usually a bigger selection online that you can add to your registry, including cordless drills, jigsaws and power sanders–everything you need to complete the DIY workbench of your dreams. Don’t forget about the non-power tools, like a good hammer or wall-patching supplies.

Home Security Tech

Not so glamorous but definitely needed, scan some home surveillance and security equipment onto your registry. There are some high-tech offerings on the market right now that will amp up the excitement factor of a gift like this. Consider, too, something like a Nest thermostat or Nest Protect smoke alarm.

Camping Gear

Whether or not you enjoy the great outdoors, there are some really useful things in the sporting section of the store, like tents, air mattresses and fire pits.

Storage & Organizing Supplies

More common than power tools, but way less common than kitchenware, I think storage gear deserves a spot on the list. A shoe rack, laundry basket and storage bins are not quite as sexy as a brand new set of copper cookware, but you’ll be really happy every time you open the closet or peek under the bed.

Luggage & Travel Gear

If your set is old, tattered or just ugly, now’s a great time to upgrade your luggage set. While you’re in the aisle, keep an eye out for anything else that will make travel easier, like a toiletries kit or garment bag.

A Grill

Definitely a big-ticket item, but worth every penny. If you love al-fresco dining and have the space, add a grill to your registry and maybe it’ll get picked up by a particularly generous family member or a group of friends who want to pitch in together.


There’s two ways to handle this. You could, of course, add to your registry any pre-fab art you like at the big-box stores. But if you have an artist, gallery or photographer you love, they might be willing to keep a personal registry or credit fund for you to share with your guests.

Seasonal Items

If you’re getting married in the springtime, the holidays are the last thing on your mind. But a registry is supposed to let guests help you complete your home, and that includes anything you need for the holidays, like an artificial Christmas tree, ornament storage boxes or any other seasonal decor.

Have anything to add to the list?

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