9 Ways to Scent Your Home Without Candles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the approach of colder weather and more time spent indoors with the windows closed, we’re more conscious of the scents in our home. Usually we burn candles but since we discovered that some friends are allergic, we’ve come up with other ways they can perfume their home…

  1. A Crackling Fire: Does your home have a working fireplace? Nothing says cozy like the sound and smell of a burning fire. Experiment with different woods until you find one you like
  2. Bake up some treats: We love baking and it’s also the easiest way to perfume our home. The warm smell of butter and sugar is universally inviting. Of course we love the added bonuses: the goodies that are the end result and the heat from the oven that warms up a chilly house.
  3. Boiling: Throw cinnamon sticks and cloves in a pot of water and let it warm over a low flame. As the steam rises, it scents the air (and adds a little needed moisture). You can also experiment with the smell of your favorite teas.
  4. Shred scent strips: At this time of year magazines are full of perfume ads and their accompanying scent strips. Shred them to release their scent.
  5. Extracts: The vanilla extract you use for baking can also be used to scent your home. Distribute the extract in pretty bottles throughout your home; as the alcohol in the extract evaporates, the scent is left behind. We also like almond, orange and lemon extracts.
  6. Double duty disposal: Clean your garbage disposal and perfume your home at the same time by throwing citrus peels and ice cubes down your disposal. Turn on the hot water while you run the disposal to distribute the scent.
  7. Fruit bowls: Bowls of lemons, limes or oranges not only look pretty but they also add their fresh scent to your home. Try making an old fashioned pomander (stick cloves into oranges) to hang in your closets.
  8. Cook: Before I learned to cook I’d fry up some onions while opening up boxes of take out. The fried onions and the take out boxes went into the garbage leaving behind “home cooked food” and the scent of onions that had my guests fooled.
  9. Flowers: Choose those with scents you like to perfume your home

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[image from Living etc]