9:00am – 336 Votes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Final Score:

SH – 113
Chad – 107
MK – 56
LM – 30
Aulaire – 30

This is so close, that it practically calls for a vote recount (and we trust no one was erasing their cookies…). Here are a few of the highly trained interior designer’s findings:

1. SH has pulled off a stunning win by featuring sunlight in her photos.
2. If Chad had only rumpled his sheets a little bit, he would have had it.
3. MK won everyone’s second place.
4. LM was the rebel’s choice and wooed people with her writing and only use of really bold color.
5. Aulaire was hampered by gross incompetence at AT and still put in a strong showing. Very impressive.

The highly trained interior designers are now going to retire to their chambers to figure out what to do next.