Buying This One Controversial Thing Thrifted Saves Me So Much MoneyLife
I always look for it when secondhand shopping.


10 Mini Chandeliers That Make a Big Statement in Any Small SpaceDesign Ideas
Chandeliers are the kind of decor showstoppers that have the power to guide a room’s design. They’re statement makers that draw the eye up and can take any space from just meh to ahh-worthy. However, all those details can take up valuable space, especially homes with low ceilings. But fear not, small space dwellers, you can have your chandelier and hang it, too. Enter: mini chandeliers.
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50 Renter Remedies That’ll Optimize Your Space Without Angering Your Landlord
Many of the writers and editors at Apartment Therapy are renters. Consequently, we understand the hesitancy of drilling holes into walls or even repainting walls for fear of losing a security deposit. But we don’t let those limitations stop us from enjoying — or personalizing — our homes. Quite the opposite! We actually enjoy searching out renter-friendly tools that help you make the most of your home.
The $68 Walmart Decluttering Solution That Will Instantly Double Your Storage Space (Shoppers Are Buying Them in Multiples!)Organizing
It might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to deal with too much stuff is to buy more stuff. We’re specifically talking about organizers and storage solutions, which can create space out of thin air for your excess belongings and help declutter cabinets, counters, and other surfaces. Rarely do you come across the perfect one-size-fits-all solution, but we might’ve just stumbled upon it while browsing Walmart’s website.
More Than 6,000 Amazon Shoppers Bought This $10 Bathroom Storage Solution Last Month (It’ll Instantly Declutter Your Vanity)Organizing
There’s no doubt that a sweeping renovation can transform the look of your space. Of course, if you don’t want to take on such a big task, there are still small changes you can implement that’ll also make a noticeable, positive impact. The bathroom lends itself especially well to such changes, whether that entails upgrading to nicer hand soap, swapping out your dowdy trash bin for something sleeker, or hiding products with tacky packaging.
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