All You Need is $10 Worth of Stickers to (Finally!) Organize Your Storage Area

published Aug 19, 2017
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Forget Konmari philosophies and vacuum bags. The real secret behind any tidy home is hidden storage, and lots of it. It might manifest itself as a garage stuffed with boxes (yours, or your parents’) or an off-site storage unit—which, yes, is the key to living successfully in a studio, at least if you’re a maximalist.

Most people have stuff. And the stuff needs to go somewhere. That’s inevitable.

What does not have to be inevitable is the way that stuff in storage seems to disappear into the ether. It’s like anything placed into an opaque cardboard box is gone forever—out of sight and truly out of mind. It doesn’t help that the kind of whole-house-sweep binges that lead to boxes in the attic are usually coupled up with attempts to declutter. “Did we keep that box of soccer equipment, or did we sell it?” You’ll never know, unless you want to run across town to the storage unit and open every box inside of it.

Or maybe you were smart, read this article months ago (please share the plans for that time travel machine when you get a sec, ok?) and spent $10 to label your boxes with the Quick Peek system from Blue Lounge.

Here’s how it works: $9.95 gets you 32 QR code stickers (or get 100 for $24.95) to place on your storage boxes. Then you download the free Quick Peek app for iPhone and get to work. The video above explains it well, but basically the app does quick work of creating a visual database of your storage boxes, along with photographic evidence of what is inside each one. All you need to do is slap a sticker on each box and snap a photo of the inside before you seal it up and send it off into the attic or garage or storage unit.

When you need to find something later on down the road, you can scan the sticker on a box with the app to see exactly what’s inside each box, without opening it up or even getting it down off the shelf. Or, as in the case of the “did we or didn’t we” soccer equipment, you can browse the shots of your boxes’ innards Pinterest-style to figure out what you hung onto, and use the labels to track the box down.