A 3-Step Trick for Buying the Right New Clothes From Now On

A 3-Step Trick for Buying the Right New Clothes From Now On

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 9, 2016
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The closet of our dreams would be organized and clutter free but even better, it would only be filled with clothes that make us look and feel amazing. To that end, try these three easy steps to make sure that from now on, you buy what really works more often.

Step 1: Go try on your favorite outfit or two. The ones that make you feel really good every time you wear them.

Step 2: Stand in front of the mirror and really think about why you look and feel so good. Is the cut of the jacket perfect for your long waist? Maybe the jewel tone flatters your complexion. Is it the feel of the fabric that you really love? Since these are your favorite outfits we're talking about, chances are it's a combination of several factors that work for you. If you've tried on a few favorites, analyze the common factors among them.

Step 3: Now go shopping! Use your outfit research to guide you towards new clothes that share some aspects of your favorite outfit. Don't buy things that are too similar (we're going for wardrobe range here) but if you look great in certain shades, stock up on different styles of clothing in those tones. If you realize you love pencil skirts, try a few more in various colors.

If you start with what you know you already love, you can't make a mistake.

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