A Backyard Pool Goes Eco: Salt As a Chlorine Alternative

A Backyard Pool Goes Eco: Salt As a Chlorine Alternative

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Jul 27, 2010
(Welcome to Jan from Dallas, a blogger trying out for a spot on the Re-Nest editorial team. Enjoy!)
Pool filtering system converted by Blue Haven Pools

Like everything else in Texas, the summer heat is big. And for James Hughes, having a pool is a necessity. However, spending all that time in the pool each summer brought with it a growing concern for all of the chemicals he was putting into the water—the same water he was then swimming in. He had already worked to make his yard and garden more organic; now he wondered how he could do the same for his pool.

After some research and some input from his partner, who also happens to be an M.D., he discovered that he could convert his filtering system to a saltwater system. Not only was the cost to switch the system over reasonable, the amount of money he would save by reducing chemicals would pay for the system in only a couple of years. More importantly, the pool would more friendly to the environment, and to people who dipped in.

Last summer he made the switch. Today, the salt creates a natural chlorine that keeps the water clean and clear. "The system converts salt into chlorine to sanitize the water," explains James, "which filters back through the system converting back into salt, and then it goes back through the process again," he added.

When it's time to test the pool, it's as simple as dipping a small paper strip into the water to determine if you need to add more salt. Of course, the question had to be asked: doesn't the salt water burn your eyes?

"Not at all," he claims. "In fact, I never used to open my eyes underwater, and now I can. And, it doesn't bleach out your swimwear or hair like chlorine. It even leaves your skin feeling softer."

One thing is certain: James's saltwater pool certainly opened our eyes to a cooler way to swim.

Thanks, Jan!

(Image: Jan Crockett)

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