A Bit Of Control: Organizing The Closet

A Bit Of Control: Organizing The Closet

Tess Wilson
Apr 16, 2013

When the world (or at least our little corner of it) seems too overwhelming and chaotic, it's tempting to exert some control. That control can take different forms for each person, ranging from healthy conflict management to dangerous eating disorders, with a bit of bossiness thrown in for good measure. In an effort to stay on the healthy, pleasant-to-be-around end of the spectrum, I tackled the closet...

Now, I didn't just submerge all my emotions into my closet: I've taken a lot of deep breaths, analyzed the situation without obsessing, talked things over with a helpful party, and taken head-clearing bike rides. As mature as all that feels, sometimes you still feel like you need to do something, to take control over even the littlest part of your life. 

And so, I picked the closet. This was not some glamorous closet makeover, with "after" pictures prettier (and more expensive) than my bedroom — it was a simple spruce. All my sweaters went on thick, wooden hangers, hung in a cozy clump. All my beloved dresses went on nice plastic hangers (all the same color) with little hooks for those annoying-but-necessary dress-hanging ribbon loops. My button- and snap-down country girl shirts all went on matching plastic hangers, and they look so sweet and wholesome together. Random odds and ends, sweatshirts, and robes went on the random hangers that were left; perhaps someday I'll have enough nice hangers for everything, but it wasn't in the stars (or the budget) for today. 

In the end, did it help? I don't know. I do know that my prettier and easier-to-use closet will make me a tiny bit happier every day. And I know that, while I can't fix everything in my life right now — or maybe ever — I can try to make things at home as nice for myself as possible. 

(Image: Andie Powers/The Duplex, Right Side: Jean & Dylan's Playful, Working Hideaway)

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