A Bookworm's eReader Experience

A Bookworm's eReader Experience

Rachel Atwood
Jun 20, 2011

I bought my eReader a year ago, a Barnes & Noble Nook WiFi + 3G. The Kindle 3 was a few weeks from being released, and I was both impatient and had a soft spot for the Nook's design. I was in love from the beginning; I had been a voracious reader my entire life, a bookworm, and I found myself reading more than usual since college projects took up most of my time.

But lately, I've had my doubts.

The other day I found myself at Barnes & Noble for a book signing. A friend had asked me to attend with him, and while he waited in line, I browsed the store to look for titles I might be interested in. It hit me then that this was something I did not do with my eReader, and that it frustrated me.

It is true that sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble will list their most popular books, and even then you can search for ones you enjoy and find similar titles, but it lacked the same experience of wandering the aisles of a bookstore and letting something catch your eye by title or cover design alone. The experience was altered, somehow, and for the first time since purchasing my eReader, I regretted it. I had kept my books, even ones that I repurchased digitally, and I relished the fact that I no longer needed to carry physical copies in my bag anymore.

But the experience of picking up a book, of reading the dust jacket or the back cover and wondering if this would be something I would enjoy, was gone.

So I ask this: How do you, reader, find new eBooks?

(Image: Rachel)

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