A Chart To Help You Save Water

A Chart To Help You Save Water

Abby Stone
Sep 8, 2009

090809-water01.jpgApple or orange? Coffee or tea? Wine or beer? Although we like to think so, it's not the sweeping changes you make that have the biggest impact. Often, it's the small choices that you make every day that end up having the biggest results, whether on your health, your diet or on the environment. But most of us need convincing to believe that...

The best way to see the impact of your choices is to get a picture. When we decided to utilize portion control to help us lose a few extra pounds, it helped us to visualize that a portion of protein was size of a deck of cards, a snack took up the space created by rolling out a pair of dice, a serving of pasta or vegetables equaled a tennis ball. Similarly, Good Magazine, via the folks at graphic design company Fogelson-Lubliner, has put together a chart that lays out comparative water consumption in a simple format that shows at a glance the impact of some simple, everyday choices. Even if it inspires you to make only one change, it will have done its work. As they put it,

...think about this: your standard trash barrel holds 32 gallons and a mid-sized passenger car—if pumped full of water—has room for a little more than 800 gallons. So, the difference in the amount of water it takes to produce a pound of chicken and a pound of beef is enough to fill almost two whole cars.

Still think your small change is doing nothing? Think again.

For the original chart and article, click here

[chart via Good Magazine and Fogelson-Lubliner]

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