A Cheap Fix: DIY Concrete-Finish Floors, Walls & Countertops

updated May 4, 2019
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Have you heard of Ardex Feather Finish? I hadn’t either until we featured this floor about a month ago. But I couldn’t ignore the fact it this DIY concrete finish kept popping up in my blog feed over and over again, used to remake and refinish some high-cost areas around the home—we’re talking floors, walls and kitchen counter tops—for cheap. Really cheap.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

All the projects I’ve found made it sound incredibly easy too. Use the powered mix to make a concrete paste, then spread it onto your (pre-sanded) surface like icing on a cake. With some time and a good sealant, you’re left with a counter or fireplace — or even a floor — that looks like poured concrete for a fraction of the price. Here are just a few folks who’ve tried it:

Bear in mind: it’s not a miracle, just a cheap fix. Even with plenty of sealant, a Feather Finish counter top will stain and discolor over time. Emily of Better Remade used Feather Finish in her kitchen in September last year, and just posted an update in January. Gently-used areas are still looking great, but the counter next to the stove is forever accessorized with some lovely ring stains and grease splatter from a fry night.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

However, if you hate the counter tops in your home now, but need to hold off on replacing them, an afternoon with $100 worth of concrete powder might help you live with your look for a little bit longer. It does make a huge improvement for little cost, especially where renovations would otherwise cost a fortune.