A ColorTherapy Survey: The Color of Money

A ColorTherapy Survey: The Color of Money

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 4, 2008

As the election coverage gets grittier and the bear market threatens to go into permanent hibernation, I've thought about nothing but current events lately.

So on the eve of a new era, let's have fun with a Color Therapy Survey and my Benjamin Moore color deck to ask ourselves, what's the color of money?...

Green back, green back where can you be? Benjamin Moore has a lovely color called Dollar Bill Green, but it suddenly looks so bleak. If you think money is the color of a c-note, vote 2050-20.

The reason Christ was always depicted with red robes in Renaissance painting is that the cinnabar in vermilion paint was the most expensive pigment money could buy, and rich art patrons loved to display their wealth. If you think money is red, vote Vermillion 2002-10.

Ditto: Lapis Lazuli, which is why the Virgin was always depicted in Ultramarine. If you think money is blue, vote Blue Lapis 2067-40.

Remember when Elizabeth Taylor was married to Sen. John Warner, and she was told not to wear her favorite color purple on the campaign trail because it looked too regal? If you think money is the color of Caesar's mantle, vote Autumn Purple 2073-20.

A buck, a pound, a mark or a yen, it all comes down to one thing: gold. If you think money is yellow, vote American Cheese 2019-40.

All right, all right, I know none of this has anything to do with interior decorating, but that's been the last thing on my mind lately. And what if you don't have an opinion? Should you vote fore nothing at all? You know
what the difference is between ignorance and apathy: I don't know and I don't care...

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