A Cure for Nothing-to-Do Syndrome

A Cure for Nothing-to-Do Syndrome

Tammy Everts
Jan 29, 2010

We've all been there. (Okay, you parents of younger children probably haven't been there... YET.) You're desperately busy trying to get some work done, and suddenly your kiddo is bored and wants you to help her think of something to do. Ohdeedoh reader Laura calls this "Nothing-to-Do Syndrome" and she has the cure.

In Laura's post at her blog, Chicken Counting, she first states the caveat that she believes a bit of boredom is healthy for kids. We couldn't agree more. In our experience, it teaches kids to plan their own games and activities, and it instills the confidence that they're capable of managing their own time. But sometimes it's nice to help them help themselves.

Says Laura:

For my five-year-old, I made this little bag of ideas. These are specifically geared towards things she can do without my assistance or intervention, for those times when I'm busy and -- let's face it -- I need her out of my hair. I intend to keep adding to this little bag of tricks as I come up with new ideas. Already it's served as a great reminder of things she enjoys but rarely thinks of to do (pillow fort!).

I printed the little circles out onto regular paper and glued them to the cardboard from a gift box I found in the recycling bin. And the little bag once held jewelry. So virtually free to make, and all told about 30 minutes of my time. But oh, the time it's given me... priceless.

We see a lot of great parenting tricks, and this one has jumped into our top ten list. We can't wait to make our own bag of tricks this weekend. Thanks, Laura!

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