Philips Lifeline GoSafe Helps Monitor Senior Loved Ones

Philips Lifeline GoSafe Helps Monitor Senior Loved Ones

Chris Perez
Jan 28, 2013

There comes a time for many of us when we have to watch over those that once watched over us. It's a stage of life you may be familiar with, and one I know I'll be entering into myself soon. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the Philips Lifeline GoSafe unveiled at this year's CES. It's an advanced monitor and emergency response system that can give you peace of mind that your aging parents are safe, while giving them the freedom to live independently.

The Lifeline GoSafe is an advanced monitor (worn around a seniors's neck) that can provide some assurance of their care. We all have heard a story of a senior falling in the shower — with falls being the leading cause of nonfatal injury to people over 65. In these situations it's important that help gets to them quickly and they receive medical attention, even though they may be ashamed to admit it. The Lifeline GoSafe has embedded motion sensors and gyroscopes to detect falls and automatically call for help,without false alarms, and even when the wearer is unable to push the GoSafe button.

The waterproof device also has an audio beacon, two-way cellular communication, and user-locating technologies such as GPS and cell tower triangulation to send emergency assistance to the wearer wherever they may be, in the comfort of their home or out at the park.

Several studies show that when a person becomes disconnected from their past (their work, their home, their neighborhood) they also tend to become disconnected from society, which can then leads to more quickly advancing effects of aging. The Lifeline GoSafe is a device that a caregiver can use to ensure their loved ones will be looked after — in the environment they're most comfortable in and in those moments where we can't be as physically close to them as we would like.

Look for the Philips Lifeline GoSafe to be available this March.

(Images: Chris Perez)

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