A Dining Room for Giving Thanks

Having the space for a dining room where friends and family can gather to give thanks is a wonderful dream. My particular dream involves buying heirloom, domestically-produced furniture that will last a lifetime. Matching different woods with natural linens and mid-century-styled pieces with a crystal chandelier seems like the perfect pairings for a homey holiday dinner.

My dream green dining room: images above and details below.

6 Winslow 84×36 Dining Table in Cherry, $1,999
7 Custom Trio Collection of Porcelain Bottles, $58
8 Hudson 60″ Storage Cabinet with Steel Base in Walnut, $2,499
9 An accent wall of Amy Butler’s Wall Paper Lacework in Midnight. Available from Graham and Brown for $80/roll (each roll is 20.5 inches wide by 32.8 feet long).
10 A gathering of pumpkins and squash for a seasonal accent.

(Images: as linked, UMass)