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A Dozen Genius Ways to Organize Under the Sink

published Aug 31, 2016
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The area under your kitchen or bathroom sink can sometimes feel like an island of lost products. And it will never get any better, until you actually take the steps to sort it out and install some (potentially temporary) organization solutions.

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Here, a dozen ideas to get your cabinets in order. Put one or more of these into place, and you’ll be rewarded with a storage area that looks better (good for your heart) and works better (good for your mind).

Store Towels and Gloves with a Dowel on Hooks

A tip from our founder Maxwell Ryan over on the Mrs. Meyer’s website: Apply adhesive hooks to the sink basin and perch a wooden dowel on top to store dish towels and rubber gloves.

(Image credit: Aaron Dyer)

Stash Trash Bags with Curtain Hardware

Similar to the towel rack idea, combine a wooden dowel and curtain rod hardware like the team at Martha Stewart did to create this space-saving solution for rolls of plastic trash bags. Mount it to the inside of the cabinet or the back of the cabinet door.

Use a Tension Rod to Wrangle Spray Bottles

Another tip from Martha: Stretch a tension rod inside the cabinet as a perch for spray bottles.

…And Add a Mug to Hold Sponges

You can use a tension rod for more than just spray bottles. On the Passion for Home blog, they strung a mug onto the rod before putting it into place; it’s the perfect spot to stash sponges or anything else that will fit. (Bonus: Check out how good your dishwasher tablets can look when you pull them out of their packaging and stash them in a glass jar.)

(Image credit: Homeroad)

Turn an Over-the-Cabinet Bar Around

You can grab an over-the-cabinet towel bar just about anywhere—it’s meant to give you a neat place to hang your dish towels on the front of the sink basin. But Homeroad shows us you can turn the thing around to give yourself some inside-cabinet storage for towels, spray bottles, gloves, or anything else you’d rather hide away.

Mount a Spice Rack Inside the Door

Over on I Heart Organizing, Jen made over the whole under-sink area with many pretty touches. But the best idea might just be this: Mount an acrylic spice rack inside your kitchen cabinet with adhesive strips to give dish tools a place to live.

(Image credit: Polished Habitat)

Keep Bins Labeled to Easily Sort Out Expired Items

Polished Habitat also mounted plastic bins to the inside of her bathroom cabinet door, but added this clever idea: Labels to clue you in on your use. You can use this idea to refresh contact lenses or medications on a cycle in the bathroom, or to keep your sponges fresh in the kitchen.

(Image credit: Polished Habitat)

A Pair of Clothespins Makes a Quick Fix

This seriously simple solution also comes courtesy of Polished Habitat: Stick a few clothespins to the inside of the cabinet door to stash and grab just about anything, whenever you need it.

Add Hooks and Grommets for a Custom Look

If you dig the idea of turning your cabinet doors into useful storage, but want a little more polish, you’ll find some inspiration from Martha Stewart: Fasten grommets onto your gloves and towels, and hang them from metal hooks—you can use the screw-in kind for a permanent solution, or get temporary metal adhesive hooks if you need the option to un-do.

(Image credit: Grant Cornett)

Double Your Storage Space with a Lazy Susan

An idea from Real Simple: Just like it does for your spice cabinet, you can use a rotating lazy susan under the sink to be able to access all your cleaning products whenever you need them, “so you don’t have to move 18 different spray bottles just to reach the extra roll of paper towels.”

(Image credit: The Family Handyman)

Use PVC Pipes to Organize Hair Tools

Make holsters for your hair styling tools with short lengths of PVC pipe, as seen here on The Family Handyman. You can take your curling iron, straightener and hair dryer to the hardware store to find the perfect width of pipe, then ask someone there to cut it to the right length to mount inside the cabinet at home.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Nothing Under the Sink? No Problem

A pair of RÅGRUND sink shelves from IKEA ($39.99) can make a sink cabinet appear out of nowhere.