A Fresh Start in Your Medicine Cabinet

A Fresh Start in Your Medicine Cabinet

Jason Loper
Jan 17, 2011

A medicine cabinet is like a miniature closet. And just like a closet, in day-to-day life it's all to easy to shove everything into it without much thought. Then, one day you realize that your medicine cabinet is an unorganized mess and every time you open it something falls out. After the jump, some tips for reorganizing a medicine cabinet.

• The best way to make a fresh start with your medicine cabinet is to first empty it out completely. This will give you a chance to go through the contents of the cabinet and then start over again with a clean slate. You can also give the inside of the cabinet a good cleaning before you reload it.
• Before you start refilling the cabinet, take a look at everything you took out. Chances are some it should be purged. Makeup and lotions do expire so that blue eye shadow you have from the early 80s should definitely go in the garbage! Here's a handy list of makeup expiration dates.
• If you have a small medicine cabinet, try to keep only the items you use on a daily basis in it. Other items, like cold medicines, bandages, and other things you don't use very often can go elsewhere. I have a small box in my linen closet where I keep the stuff I don't use often.
• When you start refilling the cabinet, get creative with storage. As you can see in the photo, I use a collection of kitschy old drinking glasses to hold small items like cotton swabs, razors, etc.
• Just as I mentioned in the tips for keeping an uncluttered closet, try to give yourself room to grow in the medicine cabinet. You will inevitably bring something new into your bathroom and if you have some empty space in your cabinet, it'll be easier to stow it.

Image: Jason Loper

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