A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living

A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living

Carrie McBride
Jun 4, 2014
(Image credit: reader Kristen)

Kristen recently shared the room her four sons share and it sent many readers down memory lane as they fondly recalled sharing bedrooms with one or more siblings growing up. Reader KathinCO described a time when she shared a room with four other siblings and the genius twist her parents put on the experience:


Cracks me up every time I watch HGTV and parents "MUST" have a room for each child.

When I was in 6th grade, my Dad remodeled our house and all 5 of us (3 girls, 2 boys) shared 1 room. 2 sets of bunk beds and a sleeping bag in the middle. The sleeping bag spot went to the "Rock Star" of the day (a little Huck Finn psychology). We lived like that for 18 months and had the best time ever.

What a great reminder that what we think is important to our kids (having their own room) may not be that important to them at all. Not only did KathinCo and her siblings love huddling up in one room, her parents' clever marketing of the sleeping bag as the coveted spot turned a potential problem into a prize.

Now that's a rock star move.

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