Close-Up: A Gilded Mirror Creates a Charmed Children’s Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love the ornate mirror that’s a centerpiece in Jeanne’s room that we spotted while touring Manuela and Dario’s Parisian apartment.

In another context, it could be an elegant piece for a grown-up room, but here it lends charm and fantasy to this lucky 11-year-old’s oasis. The mirror reflects light, gives Jeanne a full-length view when she’s getting dressed — or trying on this costume she was in the midst of making with her mother’s help. And while used vintage mirrors are easier to come by in France, no matter where you are, it’s a nice example of how grown-up pieces can work in a young girl’s room, and last for years to come.

For the full house tour, go here.

– Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France. She can be reached at kristin @ apartmenttherapy . com